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Momoko Sato / Pottery
Born in Osaka in 1985 , raised in Fukuoka. After studying pottery in Arita, studied under Shingo Oka in Karatsu. In 2015 , he became independent in Fukuoka and started making pottery in earnest. Sometsuke pottery, which is drawn with a generous touch, has a lovely and elegant beauty, and is attractive for its ease of use that fits in with your daily life.

Sunny-chan, the cat who recently became a family member, spends her free time playing hide-and-seek in the workshop. The work created by living with her is a container that makes rice look delicious.

She was born in Osaka in 1985 and grew up in Fukuoka. After studying ceramics in Arita, she worked under Shingo Oka in Karatsu, and in 2015, started her own pottery in Fukuoka. The pottery is lovely, elegant, and beautiful, with a warm touch, and is useful in daily life. The pieces created in the wake of her life with Sunny are vessels that look tasty with food.