Please note

Wan sells artwork directly to customers for the donating a portion of the purchase price to animal welfare organizations and animal rescue funds. Please note that we will cancel your order if we determine that you are reselling or purchasing on our behalf.

About delivery and packing

About delivery and shipping

How long does it take for the product to be shipped after the order is placed?
Basically, we will ship within 1 to 5 days after your order.

■ Please tell me the delivery company
In Japan, we will ship by Kuroneko Yamato courier service.

■How much is the shipping fee?
It is 980 yen (including tax) nationwide.
*Additional shipping charges apply to some remote islands.
*Shipping charges may vary for large items.

■Can I specify the delivery time?
If you wish to specify the time, please fill in the [Remarks column] of the cart. (morning, 14:00-16:00, 16:00-18:00, after 18:00)

Can I split my order into two shipments?
Only one delivery address can be specified.
If you would like to ship to multiple addresses, please place separate orders.

[About packing]
At Wan, we use recycled paper and newspapers as cushioning materials as part of our efforts to protect the environment. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


■We can ship to worldwide. Please check OVERSEAS to order.

■We use an overseas shipping agent to serve our customers on-line. Due to this reason, we are not suitable for overseas shipping agency, freight forwarding service and shipping service. Please use it immediately. Please confirm the above information for shipping to overseas customers.

■Purchase for the purpose of refusal.

About gift wrapping

It is currently in preparation. We'll let you know on Instagram when it's ready.


About payment method

■What payment methods are available?
Payment can be made by credit card or PayPal.
Acceptable credit card brands are VISA, MasterCard, JCB and AMERICAN EXPRESS.

Is it possible to pay in installments with a credit card?
Payment is a one-time payment only.

Can I use cash on delivery or bank transfer?
Not available. Please use a credit card or PayPal.

About invoices and receipts

■Can you issue a receipt?
If you would like a receipt, please write "receipt request" in the [Remarks] field on the cart screen.

* Only "address" can be specified.
* The proviso will be written as "item fee" or "product fee".
*We cannot accept issuance with the recipient's name blank, or without the date.

■ [Important] Cooperation and request for abolishment of packing slips
Wan will abolish the inclusion of the "delivery note" from the viewpoint of environmental protection and customer's personal information protection. The shipping information email sent to you at the time of delivery will serve as your purchase statement.

<If you would like a statement of delivery>
If you wish, we will send you an invoice (PDF format) by e-mail separately. Please enter "I want a statement of delivery" in the [Remarks] section of the cart.

About the number of orders

Wan's works are handcrafted by the artist. Some items are in short supply, and some are only available once a year. We may limit the number of purchases, or if one person orders a large number of items, we may refuse some of them. I would appreciate it if you could understand in order to deliver the work to as many families as possible.

About the cart system

Due to the system specifications, the purchase of the work is not confirmed just by adding it to the cart. Please note that if multiple customers add items to their cart at the same time, their purchases will be confirmed in order of payment.

About returns and exchanges

About returns/exchanges/cancellation of orders

■Can I cancel or change my order after ordering?
In principle, we do not accept cancellations or changes to products due to customer convenience. Please note.

・Since the work is handmade, the expression differs one by one. There may be minor scratches, bubbles, patterns, etc., but we will deliver items that have been inspected by the artist and Wan.
・ Depending on the monitor environment, the color of the actual product may look slightly different. Thank you for your understanding.

Returns/exchanges can only be made for items damaged during delivery, wrong items shipped, and defective items.
In the event of damage during delivery or a mistake in the shipping product, we will respond by sending a replacement product as long as it is unused. However, if the item cannot be exchanged, such as a one-of-a-kind item, we will refund the product price. (We will bear the shipping fee for replacement products.)

Any damage during shipping may be covered by the shipping company's insurance. In that case, the shipping company will contact the customer and take care of picking up the product. Please do not throw away the box or packing material when you receive the product. We may ask the customer for cooperation such as taking pictures of the damage.

・Please let us know your order number, name, address, the reason for the exchange, and the situation by e-mail "within 2 days" after the product arrives. If you send it back without contacting us, we may not be able to accept it, so please be sure to contact us by email in advance.

If your dog or cat doesn't like the work

We do not accept cancellations, returns, or exchanges due to customer's convenience such as the dog or cat does not like it, does not use it, or the size does not fit. We aim to create something beautiful and cherished in our lives. For example, food bowls can be used as containers for small items and accessories, or as confectionery bowls and fruit bowls.

About donation

About donation of sales

Wan will donate part of the sales to "Animal Donation".

■What is Animal Donation?
Animal Donation is a public interest incorporated association that connects “groups working hard on animal welfare” and “people who want to support groups through donations” in order to create a society where people and animals can live happily together as good partners. It is an intermediate support group with the mission of
To raise animal welfare in Japan to the top level in the world while collaborating widely with related organizations, experts, and companies so that people who want to do something for their beloved animals can take actions that suit them. We are working towards

Animal Donation Official Site

■What will the donation be used for?
Donations from Wan will be used to protect dogs and cats that are strayed or abandoned by their owners and are housed in administrative animal welfare consultation centers, etc., through Animal Donation, a public interest incorporated association, and to find new owners. It will be used to support conservation groups in need. The selection of donation recipients is left to Animal Donation.

■Is there a report on the donation amount?
We will regularly report on Wan's Instagram.


About business hours

We accept inquiries and orders by e-mail 24 hours a day. We generally reply to emails within 2 days. If you do not receive a reply, please contact us again as it may not have arrived. (E-mails from some mobile phones may not be delivered.)

About orders and reservations for works

■Can I make a reservation/reserve?
We do not accept orders, reservations, or reservations for works. Please check the arrival information on Wan's Instagram.

■When will the next shipment arrive?
Sold out items are also scheduled to arrive in order, but most of them arrive once or twice a year, so we cannot promise the timing.

We will do our best to accommodate requests for products that are frequently requested by customers, such as increasing the number of items in stock. Please call (Purchase cannot be reserved)

■Will you let me know when it arrives?
Please note that we do not contact individual customers regarding shipments.

Do you have a physical store?

Wan sells only online shops and does not display or sell at physical stores.

You can't actually pick it up and choose it, but if you have any questions or concerns about the work or how to purchase it, please feel free to contact us by email or chat. The staff will help you with your shopping.

Are all your works for dogs and cats only?

The size and shape of the works introduced in Wan are made with dogs and cats in mind, but they are not specially processed for that purpose. All of them are made in the same way as the vessels we use, so you can use them freely as crafts. We would appreciate it if you could select the usage according to your preference.

Handling of copyright and personal information

■Can I use the photos posted on the website?
Copying and diversion of all images and texts posted are prohibited.

About personal information
The personal information you provide will only be used for replying to inquiries, product payments, product shipments, Wan email newsletters, event DMs, etc. In addition, unless there are special circumstances such as when disclosure is required by law, we will not provide customers' personal information to third parties without the prior consent of the customer.