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Collection: CHIECO ceramics

Chie Fujii / Pottery
Studied sculpture at Tokyo University of the Arts and completed a master's course. Moved to the United States in 2010 and made pottery at a studio in Los Angeles, USA. While involved in car design in the clay modeling department of the design studio, he created works using ceramic as a material, and became independent in 2022 . Cat Lover .

The practical vessels announced as CHIECO ceramics are hand-twisted, and each one has a different hand drawing. A work that is also fun as an interior Create play in space.

CHIECO is established by CHIE FUJII, a Japanese sculptor/artist who mastered sculpture/fine art at the Tokyo University of the Arts. She has presented exhibitions in Tokyo, Los Angeles and Sight unseen OFFSITE 2014 featured artist New York, and has been active in automotive clay modeling at Tesla and Honda.